Our Work

Our Mission

Embrace a Street Child exists for God to redeem Street children through the good news of Jesus Christ and to rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate them into their family and community.

Our Vision

Our vision is that street children transformed by the love of Christ and reconciled to God and family.

How We Work

Four R’s:

We RESCUE street children below 16 years old from street life, sin, addiction, abuse, and hopelessness by inviting them to stay at our center.

We REHABILITATE them through a variety of programs including: counselling, Bible lessons, remedial academic work, sports, crafts and introduction to useful life/vocational skills. Their basic needs of food, shelter, clothes, medical care and hygiene are met at the center.

We REINTEGRATE the children back into their families and communities. Through ongoing follow-ups, we empower them with the physical, spiritual and emotional tools they need to ensure long term success.

We share the good news of the Gospel through which God can REDEEM and give freedom, healing, and restoration. We pray for each child to experience the love of God through the impact of our ministry.

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